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  • Microcontroller based system
  • Modular construction
  • Keyboard programmable
  • 3 digit 7-segment digital display
  • Provides longer filter life and optimum system performance
  • IP54 Enclosure
 Key Specifications
No. of channels 8 to 48 channels (Off line version)
No. of compartments 1 to 6 (Off line version)
Power supply 110 or 230V AC
Solenoid power 230V AC or 110V AC or 24V DC
Output Relay output suitable to drive solenoid valve 30VA max

The Bag Filter Timer BF-200 is a specially developed electronic unit for controlling cleaning cycles of bag filters available in various models to suit different output requirements. The timer energizes a solenoid valve, thus triggering the momentary pulse of high pressure compressed air down into a row of filter bags. This pulse of air will expel the dust from the surface of the filter. The timer closes the valve after a specified time and the filter starts working in the ventilation mode. 

Two modes of operation are available namely Continuous cycle and On-demand filter cleaning. In the continuous cycle operation the bags are continuously cleaned. The on-demand operation is based on differential pressure where as the filter bags become dirty, the differential pressure across the surface increases.

 If the filters are cleaned based on differential pressure they will be cleaned only when necessary reducing the number of cleaning cycles, thereby extending filter life. Interlocking is provided with the compressed air pressure switch and the timer stops if the compressed air falls below preset level. Both On-line and Off-line types are available with BF-200. Use of a bag filter timer translates to faster and more effective means of controlling dust at the plant.

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