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Who we are 

Founded in the year 1994, Micro Systems & Controls - designs, manufactures and supplies high quality display, measurement and control instrumentation for the process control industry, OEMs and system integrators.

Our capabilities include manufacturing, design and development including hardware, firmware and software .

Our mission

To provide advanced, reliable instrumentation and control products to our customers with price, performance and service to meet and exceed their expectations.

Standard products

We offer a wide range of competitively priced instrumentation which includes indicators, controllers, timers, scanners, data loggers, signal conditioners, signal isolators, transmitters for RTD, thermocouples, pressure and humidity also weighing and batching products.

Our reliable, high quality, technologically advanced products and dedicated user support  has enabled us to establish a large and growing base of satisfied customers.

We are approved by major users in the Steel, Power, Coal, Pharmaceuticals, Paper, Water supply and other  areas.

Benefit from technology

As a company operating in the high technology area we are committed to continual product  development to incorporate the latest technology. This ensures that we are able to offer advanced products at a competitive price.

Electronic Product design

Our proven design and development experience and our industrial applications background in adverse electrical environments, ensures that we the ideally placed to provide reliable and dependable product design and manufacturing services to OEMs.   

In this area we have been able to build up a close partnership with a number of OEMs, including major international manufacturers.

We have designed and developed a large number of products for OEMs from simple display units to highly complex microprocessor based control systems. 

Contract manufacturing 

Using our manufacturing experience and setup we are also able to provide low volume contract manufacturing services to OEMs, providing component procurement, assembly and full testing. 

Software development

To provide complete support to our customers regarding their process control and automation need, we have developed small low cost PC based HMI and SCADA software to provide economical PC based monitoring and control solutions using our products or other networked instruments.

We can also develop special software to cater to the specific needs of our customers.

Other information 

Our office opens at 9.00 AM and closes at 6.00 PM IST from Monday to Friday, our technical sales staff would be delighted to take your enquiries and answer to your questions. You can also mail or fax your enquiries for a prompt quotation.

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