Model :  IntegraXor


  • Project editor
  • Powerful and reliable server
  • Support popular device like Modbus, OPC, etc
  • Security user log-in
  • Database logging
  • Timer, Logics & Scripting (Java)
  • Data trending
  • Alarm management
  • Basic reporting
  • Open standard software Inskape for SVG graphic design with integrated
  • SAGE ( SCADA Animation GUI Editor ) functionality.
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IntegraXor, a WEB-SCADA that let you design with unlimited creativity, and yet give you borderless accessibility from anywhere, everywhere in the world. IntegraXor provides real-time graphic visualization and control of automated production systems across manufacturing enterprise and give you the accessibility form anywhere from the world.

Latest web technology are utilized to built IntegraXor which is open and scalable, allowing manufacturer to utilize the limitless web to raise performance and responsiveness at a global level.

A WEB-SCADA that is readily accessible via any standard common browser such as Firefox, Opera, Google chrome, etc.

InegraXor uses SVG ( Scalable Vector Graphics ) for graphic animation and presentation. SVG is an XML-based graphics file format for the web allowing it to maintain its small size and resolution. IntegraXor have developed and patented a method for real-time SVG animation. Inskape, a popular open source SVG editor, is used to create graphic animation to be used with IntegraXor such as Bar (Level), color, Rotate, Opacity, Slider, Tooltip, Script, Get Tag, Set Tag and many others.

How it works

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