Single / Dual Channel Bargraph Indicator

Model No: BG101/BG102


  • Single and Dual channel
  • Microcontroller based
  • Compact design with 101 segment bar
  • Universal input
  • Bright Red LED display for excellent visibility
  • Programmable range
  • Configurable alarms
  • Bargraph and digital display
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BG101 / BG102 are microcontroller based Bargraph Indicators designed to accommodate Single / Dual Process Parameter monitoring. It is easy to use and extremely compact. This indicator displays the process variable on a 101 segment bar and full 4 digit digital display. It has the provision for alarm
output using relays and input calibration through front keys (no internal pots to adjust). The design offers a wide range of options like sensor open protection, security, hysteresis, auto diagnosis facility and offset adjustment. These bargraph indicators are suited to applications in process control and industrial instrumentation, including Electrical Power Plants, Chemical, Water and Sewerage Processing, Oil/Gas Distribution, Metals/Minerals, Pulp/Paper, Pharmaceutical Processes, agricultural as well as many OEM applications.


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