Signal Isolator / Distributor

Model No: ISO102MP


  • Single or multi output
  • Optical & Galvanic isolation
  • Front panel adjustment
  • 3 port Isolation, input, power supply and each output
  • 35 mm DIN rail mounting
  • Low cost High performance
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Signal Isolator ISO102MP provides total signal isolation between a non-isolated transmitter and a receiving device. Complete 3-way isolation between power, input and output are provided in this isolator. This eliminates faulty readings in process measurement and control equipment caused by ground loops, motor noise, and other unpredictable electrical interference. When the output from one transmitter needs to be isolated and sent to two or three different locations, ISO-102MP with multi output provides ideal solution and acts as a splitter. These isolators operate on the principle of optical isolation and provide high isolation between the input circuit and the output. The isolators have individual output adjustment potentiometers accessible from the front panel.


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