Flow Indicator Totaliser

Model No: FTX55P


  • Microcontroller based
  • Analog and Pulse input
  • High accuracy
  • Programmable range
  • Alphanumeric back-lit LCD
  • Unit and Rate selection
  • Built-in square root extraction facility
  • Two level password protection
  • Full digital calibration via keyboard
  • Optional RS232 or RS485 serial communication interface
  • Optional Isolated Re-transmission output proportional to flow
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Flow Indicator Totaliser FTX55P is compact and easy to use, designed for monitoring the continuous flow rate and total flow. The flow rate along with engineering units is displayed on the upper line of LCD display and the totalised flow is displayed on 8 digits on the second line. The microcontroller based design makes it more flexible and powerful compared to conventional flow totaliser. The unit is suitable for use with any flow transmitter giving pulse or analog current output. The display has floating decimal point position, which is programmable from the front panel. The unit has inbuilt relay outputs for alarm or control application.


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