Universal Process Indicator / Controller

Model No: MPI 501U


  • Universal input
  • Smart Teach Option
  • Alarm or Control output
  • Isolated retransmission output
  • Keyboard calibration
  • Custom Engineering unit labels
  • Universal SMPS or 24VDC PS
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The MPI-501U is an advanced Microcontroller based single channel Process Indicator / Controller used for monitoring / control of analog signals in majority of industrial processes. MPI501U is available in two versions as an Indicator and as a Controller. In the controller version the relay output is configured for On/Off control application. For indicator version the relays are configured for alarm generation. The unit can accept analog inputs (from RTDs, Thermocouples, current and voltage inputs). For indicator mode optional single or dual alarm output is provided wherein the alarm type and value is programmable from the front keyboard. The unit is calibrated for all the basic inputs and the calibration is not required to be changed if the input type is changed. Recalibration if required could be done through keyboard.


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