Thermocouple Temperature Transmitter

Model No: TxTC2


  • Compact size
  • 2 – wire Transmitter Connection
  • ZERO and SPAN adjustment (from front panel)
  • LED indication
  • 35 mm DIN rail mounting
  • Flame Retardant ABS enclosure
Download Datasheet


The TxTC2 – Temperature Transmitter converts an analog signal from a thermocouple to a 4- 20mA output signal. It is designed for a two-wire connection in which the supply current value conveys the information about temperature. The transmitters automatically compensates for the cold junction of a thermocouple. These transmitters make it possible to adjust both span and zero by trimmers accessible from the front panel. The analog output from the thermocouple is amplified by an operational amplifier, linearised and cold junction compensation is added to it. This signal is converted to an output current of 4-20mA. Thereby, the transmitter output remains linear with regard to the temperature.


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