Universal Indicator cum Controller

Model No: DC4010/DC4010L


  • Universal input
  • Control action – ON / OFF or PI
  • Simple 4 key user control
  • Operation & Calibration through keyboard on front panel
  • 95 – 265V AC universal power supply
  • User friendly installation and operation 0.56” [DC4010] and 0.8” [DC4010L] display height option
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DC4010 / DC4010L is an advanced Microcontroller based indicating controller used in majority of industrial processes. The indicating controller can accept analog inputs from RTDs, Thermocouples, current and voltage input with provision of single or dual output. The controller is calibrated for all the basic inputs and the calibration is not required to be changed if the input type is changed. However if recalibration is required due to any error then calibration can be done through keyboard.DC4010 can be used for On/ Off control application or PI control action in case of SSR output.


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