Micro Data Acquisition Module

Model No: MD-16


  • Universal input
  • 16 channels per module
  • RS485 communication port
  • Analog input isolation
  • 20000 counts optically isolated ADC
  • Complete software control, no jumpers or switches


  • Process monitoring and control
  • Remote data logging
  • Product testing
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MD-16 Data Acquisition Modules are a family of complete solutions designed for data acquisition systems based on personal computers and other processor-based equipment with standard serial I/O ports like PLC, etc. These modules convert 16 analog input signals to engineering units and transmit in MODBUS RTU protocol to any host with standard RS-485 port. These modules can measure temperature, voltage and currents as well as various process sensors like thermocouples and RTD’s performing all signal conditioning, scaling, linearization and conversion to engineering units.


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